Does your baby happen to throw tantrums to avoid having a bath? Then we guess you will need something that can make bath time a fun time.

In such case, only the bath toys can come as a savior since they have all the qualities to keep the babies engaged in play while you wash them.

And if you are concerned about whether the toys will be safe for kids! We ensure that the toys we have picked here are boasted by the parents to be very safe for the littles.

So here we present the 10 best bath toys for babies.

Green Toys Submarine

Green Toys Submarine

The Submarine comes with a tailfin that can be spun for fun, a flat bottom for stability, a wide-mouth opening for scooping and pouring and a comfy, solid handle.

It has been built in a way that makes it float very firmly and sinks only if it is pushed down intentionally underwater.

The blue colored watercraft has been made of recycled milk jugs high-density polyethylene. It is a polyethylene thermoplastic material constructed with petroleum that will not only be safe for the baby but also for the planet.

Another great factor is that the toy has been made absolutely free of Phthalate, PVC and BPA making it super safe for the baby to play during bath time. So, if you child tends to lick the toy, it won’t be an issue.

Moreover, the toy will also help your kid enjoy nautical journey as well as explore the terrain at the tub’s bottom.

Submarine has been packed with recycled materials while being printed with soy inks.

The cabin of the toy can be opened for cleanup. Moreover, the whole vessel has been made dishwasher safe. The only issue is that the top of the toy has been griped to be hard to separate from the base.

Other than that, you can call it one of the best bath toys for babies.


High quality and recycled materials.

  • ✓Free of Phthalate, PVC and BPA.
  • ✓Easy to clean.
  • ✓Offers scooping and pouring entertainment.
  • ✓Spinning rear propeller.


  • ✘The top of the toy is very difficult to separate from the base.

WowWee Pinkfong Baby Shark Bath Squirt

WowWee Pinkfong Baby Shark Bath Squirt

WowWee is able to wow your baby with these toys that are really cool depiction of the classic baby shark characters.

Coming in little size, you will find them ideal for little hands. As a result, they can be great for the babies to hold and swim around and experience tactile sense.

The baby will get four toys in a pack including baby shark, William, Daddy shark, and mommy shark. Each of them features amazing squirt potential. The baby may find amusement squirting the toys while you wash the little.

However, the top part has been made of plastic and can be a bit harder than the bottom part. So, it may not full be used as a squirt toy but that depends on the strength of the baby.

The toys are able to float in the water on their own that can be another great reason for your baby’s happiness. So, even if they cannot use it as a squirt, they can use it as  a floating styled toy.

Since the toys are made of BPA free, they are found to be very safe to use. However, there can be a mild plastic smell, but that stays just for some time.


High quality and recycled materials.

  • ✓Great for little babies.
  • ✓Comes four in pack William, Daddy shark, and mommy shark.
  • ✓Free of BPA.
  • ✓Can be used as squirt and as floating toy.
  • ✓Makes baby experience tactile sense.


  • ✘ It can have a bad smell.

Munchkin Float and Play Bubbles

Munchkin Float and Play Bubbles

Are you looking for a toy for the baby who love the stuffs that move? Then Float and Play Bubbles by Munchkin can be the best bath toys for babies since it has all the qualities.

The toys come four in a pack and each of them features a unique center toy that spins, shines, bobbles and rattles. The penguin and turtle figure tends to rattle and roll as well as they are designed to stay up right. The other two albeit do nothing but still can entertain the kid with its colors and designs.

They can make a great pick for the baby who is either 4 month-old or more. Plus, they are designed for the babies to help them hold and help stimulate sense of touch, sight, and hearing. Moreover, the toy also can make them learn hand to eye coordination. As a result, they can be a great medium to teach the baby to reach, grasp and shake them.

The toys are colorful and can move around the baby freely to entertain the baby. They have amazing textures and movement traits that can entertain the little.

The toys have been made free of BPA, Phthalate and Formaldehyde. However, they can be a little on the heavier side.


  • ✓Two toys that spin plus rattle and two toys that can bob around.
  • ✓Textured rings add fun.
  • ✓Free of BPA, Phthalate and Formaldehyde.
  • ✓Helps stimulate baby’s sense of touch, sight, and hearing.
  • ✓Great for 4 month old or more.


  • ✗A bit heavy.

The First Years Disney Baby Bath Squirt

The First Years Disney Baby Bath Squirt

If your baby is yet to find Nemo and Dory then these figures by the First Years depicting ‘Finding Nemo’ characters can be the best bath toys for babies.

The toys come three in a pack including Nemo, Dory and an extra Turtle for the fun.

Since, they are colorful plus depiction of popular cartoon characters, they are able to keep the baby focused. Not only that, the toys will also be interactive visually that will engage the baby.

Albeit they are stated to be more of a squirt toy, but it can be a bit hard for the baby to squeeze it. As it would require strength, a lot of the babies may not be able to do it.

However, the toys can make them experience tactile sense with easy hold and grip. And since the toys come in compact size, they can fit any baby’s hands be it of  6 month old or 18 month old.

The best part is that the toy has been made BPA free and is durable enough to endure daily teething. (only if your kid has such tendency).

Each of them is easy to clean and dries out quick once you squirt all the water out of the figures.


  • ✓Comes in three characters including Nemo, Dory and Turtle.
  • ✓Able to fit hands of baby from 6 month old to 18 month old.
  • ✓Easy to clean and dries out quick once squirting all the water out.
  • ✓Durable and can endure daily teething.
  • ✓Free of BPA.


  • ✗Some kids may not find it easy to squirt due to hardness.

Munchkin Bath Toy, Little Boat Train

Munchkin Bath Toy, Little Boat Train

Choooooooo-choo-choo, here comes the little boat-like train or you can say another one of the best bath toys for babies by Munchkin.

The toys are brightly colored and can entertain babies of 4 month old or more. Moreover, the toys have these linking part that holds the boats together so they can be played as train. Although they are stated to be stacked, but the issue is the boat fails to hold one another, so that would be a small con for you.

However, the toys are lightweight so your baby will find it easy to grasp and grip.

Moreover, they come six in a pack and have been numbered for teaching the kid to count, order and number identification. To add more, the boats are able to scoop and strain water making the baby learn hand and eye coordination. So the toys hold great educational value.

Besides, these six have been made free of chip as well as harmful chemicals. So, they will be safe to play with as well.

Moreover, the toys have also been loved by the parents since they are easy to clean.


  • ✓6 boats can bob around and link together to create a train.
  • ✓Teaches counting, number identification, ordering and hand to eye coordination.
  • ✓Can scoop up and strain water.
  • ✓Made of durable material.
  • ✓Free of BPA.
  • ✓Easy to clean.


  • ✗The link does not hold the boats together which can disappoint the kid.

Hoovy Bath Toys Fun Baby Bathtub Toy Shark

Hoovy Bath Toys Fun Baby Bathtub Toy Shark

Hoovy too have their best bath toys for babies that come with a toy shark and four little fishes.

The shark has to be used as a grabber that has been designed in cute shape where its tail has a handle for the kid to press and grasp the fish.

The grabber can be great for babies with smaller hands so they can squeeze and catch the fishes by pushing the button.

Not only that, it also helps the baby learn about different fish living under the water. The vibrancy and color of the toys can be a great factor to enrich sensory and motor skills.

The brand offers 100 percent satisfaction and safety guarantee. Having been made of materials free of BPA, lead or other harmful chemicals, the toys will be safe to play with.

The only problem with the fishes is that they do not float. And since they sink easily, it can be a reason for the baby to lose interest soon.

That said, the quality and design of the toys can entertain the babies. And as they are easy to clean, the parents have given them big thumbs up.


  • ✓Grabber shark can grab and hold fishes adding entertainment.
  • ✓Can teach the kids about different fish underwater.
  • ✓The vibrancy and color can enrich sensory and motor skills.
  • ✓Free of BPA and lead for safety.
  • ✓Very easy to clean and do not create mold.


  • ✗The little fishes do not float.

Munchkin Fishin’ Bath Toy

Munchkin Fishin' Bath Toy

Another cool entry by the brand Munchkin. There will be a magnetic fishing rod and three bobbing underwater characters.

The toy can teach the babies to hold firmly since it requires to grip the rod and make the magnet work for catching the characters. The magnetic hook is able to pick the figures up easily which defines quality.

The figures include a human, an octopus and a fish that can amuse the baby with its funny faces.

Moreover, the reel makes a real clicking sound when it is turned so it can provide a more realistic feel. However, the only gripe here is that it does not reel the fish in. And if your kid spins the rope around, it may end up whacking you.

That being said, it can help develop hand and eye coordination of the babies. Plus it can teach cause and effect as well.

The big plus is that the figures have been designed airtight. So, it will help limit mold and mildew. And this can be a great factor letting you clean the toys more easily.

The toys are made for both girls and boys with the age ranging from 24 month old to 60 month old.

Having been made of plastic, the toys are absolutely free of BPA. So, they will be very safe for the babies to play with.


  • ✓Characters are airtight that helps limit mold and mildew for easy cleanup.
  • ✓Magnetic reel helps develop hand and eye coordination.
  • ✓Can teach cause and effect.
  • ✓Reel clicking sound can give realistic feeling.
  • ✓Free of BPA.


  • ✗The reel does not reel the fish in.

Nuby Little Squirts 10 Count (Pack of 1)

Nuby Little Squirts 10 Count (Pack of 1)

You can also think of getting this colorful toys that Nuby has made just for your baby.

The big plus is that they come in 10 characters including turtle, starfish, dolphin, penguin, octopus, fish, duck, shark, crab, and alligator. ALL IN VIBRANT COLORS!

Since they will be bobbing around, it will give pleasure to the babies. Moreover, the babies will also love to squeeze the toy because of its squirting ability.

The toys are able to help improve hand-eye coordination of the baby while encouraging interactive play.

Not only that, it also has been designed in perfect size so that babies of 6 month old or above can hold and squirt it.

However, it has been recommended to clean the toys thoroughly and air dry them since they are not airtight or watertight. Otherwise, there is a possibility for the mold and mildew to build up inside.

That said, the figures can provide the babies with entertainment. They blow bubbles under the water that can enable your baby to have fun in the bath.

Besides, the toys are also made of high quality rubber and are absolutely free of BPA making them safe for the babies.


  • ✓Helps improve baby’s hand and eye coordination while encouraging imaginative play.
  • ✓Brightly colored, floating and squirting ability adds fun.
  • ✓Ideal size for the baby to hold and squeeze.
  • ✓Comes with 10 figures in a pack.
  • ✓Able to blow bubbles under water.


  • ✗Can grow mold and mildew if not cleaned properly.

Boon Building Bath Pipes, Set of 5

Boon Building Bath Pipes, Set of 5

Building bath pipe toys can be another great medium for babies to have fun. And you can get the best ones from Boon.

They are sorry about the plumber crack but only to offer fun with leaky pipes that can let the babies have scooping and pouring extravaganza.

The toys come in five shapes. Babies can used them individually or together by making a chain.

The pipes are able to stick to the wall so the water goes back in the bathtub and not down the floor.

These toys can make the babies feel like a plumber while teaching them coordination and construction stuffs.

Since each of the pipes come in unique shape and design with bright colors, it is meant to please the baby.

If your kid is 12 month old or above, it can be a great stuff to have around the bathtub.

They are absolutely PVC and BPA free, so they will be safe for the kids as well.

The only con is that the pipes may not stick well to many of the surfaces. But, they can stick to the tub greatly as per users.


  • ✓Stick to the bathtub greatly while defining quality.
  • ✓Can be used individually or in a chain.
  • ✓BPA or PVC free ensures safety.
  • ✓Come in bright color and 5 different shapes.
  • ✓Teaches coordination.


  • ✗May not stick to a tile.

Alex Toys Water Flutes

Alex Toys Water Flutes

These Water Flutes can help your babies discover sounds and musical notes while in the bathtub.

Coming with five in a pack, they flutes can be filled with different amounts of water for creating a variety of tones. As a result, the babies will be able to follow along with instructions while teaching them simple songs like “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” “Ode to Joy,” or “It’s Raining It’s Pouring.”

It’s just the babies have to dunk the flutes under the water, fill them up until they reach the right level designed for each of the notes. This will trigger the flutes to play.

The circles and squares on each of them signify notes that the babies need to follow with the song sheets. Yes, the song sheets are also included that will help create a musical environment in bath time.

The toys can be a great entertainment especially for toddlers and they will be safe for them as well. The flutes have been made of non-toxic foam ensuring safety they need.

The drawback is that they can be a little hard to clean, other than that, they can be the best bath toys for babies.


  • ✓Different tones can be created with flutes being filled with water.
  • ✓Comes with five flutes and easy-to-follow, waterproof song sheets.
  • ✓Made of non-toxic foam.
  • ✓Recommended for 3-year old kids and older.
  • ✓Make music in the tub


  • ✗Hard to clean out.

Buying Guide


There are parents who are still infuriated by the fact that some of the babies’ toys not only fail to pass safety standards but also are made available in the market, even after advanced scientific research.

So, whenever you will be picking bath toys for babies, make sure to go with a brand that is known for providing chemical free toys. By chemical, we mean, PVC, lead, phthalate and bisphenol A (BPA).

You should also check the label of the toys carefully. This will help you make sure if it’s free of chemical and doesn’t have dyes or paints.
If the bathtub toys for the babies come in plastic, then make sure it is free of PVC chemical.

Plus, also ensure the toys don’t have any small part that your baby could mistakenly swallow and end up choking it. This could be very risky for the baby.

Age stage:

One of the most important factors while looking for a baby bath toy is the age. The best toys for 2 year-old baby may not be the best pick for 2 month old baby.

You may want to weigh up two things as for finding age-appropriate bath toys for babies.

For one, the strict-age recommendations that are given on packaging for safety reasons. It is super essential to follow them so the babies could avoid injuries or potential choking perils.

For second, it is to check whether the toy is too young or too advanced for the kid. Because, there is a chance that your kid may soon lose interest if it falls into any of the categories. As a result, the baby bath will no more be an enjoyable bath.

However, if you want to get toys for infants, you can opt for the ones that can help develop their hand and eye coordination. The infants are likely to have hard time grasping or holding stuffs with hands. So, this kind of toys will make them want to explore stuffs through their senses like hearings or sights.

Or, if you want to get a toy for below 5-month old baby, then look for the toy that comes with high-contrast colors. Plus, toys having fun texture or ability to make sound will also be great for them.

The best bath toys for 12 to 36 months old toddlers should be the one that can help improve their creativity, imagination, logic and motor skills.

Objects such as writing instruments, puzzles stickers basketball toys or can also make a great choice for the toddlers. You can also opt for or the ones that will let them scoop and pour water.​

Easy clean-up

Baby bath toys should be designed for easy cleaning. For instance, toys should have dishwasher-safe factor so that you can deep-clean them properly.

However, there are a few toys that are pretty tough to clean, such as squirt toys. Albeit, they are fun to play with but not recommended by experts. Plus, these also pose health risks since the damp environment inside the toys can become a breeding ground for bacteria, mold and mildew. And they can harbor all these enemies if you do not drain them properly after use.

That’s the reason why we would suggest you to look for toys that don’t have holes, or the ones that come airtight and watertight. Because, these toys will prevent all the enemies from making their way inside the stuffs as well as will be easy to clean.

Educational value

No, bathtub is definitely not a classroom. But, you could also present something to your baby that will have both amusement and educational value. These toys are designed to stimulate the baby and spur them to inquire and explore.

Let’s take cause-and-effect style toys for instance! The toy has been engineered with different actions that cause it to perform in a variety of ways, such as stacking cups with different applications.

Toys coming in action-reaction style require interaction for stimulating a response. This helps enthrall the kids since they struggle to invoke the response they want.

Baby’s preference:

If your baby is someone who stays quiet, then perhaps he or she will not be into the toys that operate on their own and do a lot of movement. In fact, the babies will love motionless toys or stuffs. In this case, you can go for bath books for toddlers. They will enjoy reading or listening to stories even during the time of bath.

If your baby is an active kind, then basketball toys will be great since they will be moving around the baby for entertainment.

However, we would still recommend you to bring your baby to shopping and understand what they like. This will be easier for you to pick one and present the baby.

Popular styles

  • Stationary

Stationary toys are those simple toys that provide babies with imagination. Such toys spur them to manipulate the stuffs just like the way they want to. Stationary toys can come in the form of basic character figure sets, stacking cups or foam letters. The toys can be super fun for the kids to experience tactile sense of both the shape of toy and water.

  • Floating

These toys have been made to bob around the babies so they do not have to dive in water and grab the stuffs.

There are some kids that love to press down on the floating toy to check if it stays under water and get excited when it returns to the surface. If your baby enjoys doing that, you can consider having a floating toy.

Such toys also help bath-time cleanup way easier for parents. It’s because they can be collected at just one fell swoop.

  • Interactive

These toys are a kind of toys that are either musical, or light up or come with moving parts. Such stuffs involve a higher level of engagement, particularly if your baby wishes to operate the commands or buttons. As these toys often have motors or come in battery-operated, they can be a bit heavier than the other styles.

So, you should watch out and make sure your baby doesn’t bump his or her heads on these.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which of the bath toys will be ideal between floater and sticker style?

A: It mostly depends bathroom setup where the kids will be kept for bath. Some of the bathrooms may contain textured surfaces and tiles. So, these will not be perfect for sticker styles toys to stick to it. In such case, we would suggest you to look for floating-oriented toys that will bob on the water.

Meanwhile, if you have a clean, flat surface and more wall space. Then you can go with sticker toys since such surface can allow suction cups to stick to it. One big plus about such toys is that they won’t take up much of a space. Plus, they will also not get in the way when it will be your turn to have shower.

Q: What should you get for the baby who does not like bath time?

A: It’s normal that bath time can be a challenge for parents. However, look for toys that have funny familiar characters so they can entertain the babies. Figures coming with big smiles and eyes will be exciting for them. So these will keep your baby’s focus on them during the bath.

Plus, you can also get a toy that requires concentration such as stacking cups or foam letters, that can as an entertaining distraction while you do your job.

Q: What should you do if the baby likes scattering toys?

A: Your little baby is legit expected to amass a roomful of toys. The easier they are to scatter here and there, the more painful it becomes to pick all of them up.

That’s why you should consider looking for stuffs that can accommodate the toys easily when not in use. If you want, you can shop for a storage basket or organizer to stuff all the toys into it. This way, you can stop making bathroom a mess.

You can also pick organizer, divider or basket that comes with holes below it so the water from the toy can be drainer out easily.

Not only that, this kind of options can also help teach your baby to clean up and store everything up themselves.

To add more, it will also help give the baby a sense of ownership over toys. As a result, you will find them getting encouraged to take care of it so it stays with them forever and never goes missing.​

Wrap up!

Toys can be a great medium to give pleasure to the kids. They can entertain them and teach them a lot of stuffs. The 10 options we have picked here have given relief to majority of the parents.

So, why not make every bath-time a success and meaningful by presenting the best bath toys to your baby?