Imagine that you start the day by taking a shower with a really good mood but a bad towel hanging on the hook becomes a reason to piss you off.

If you would have invested time in picking a great bath towel like you do in case of your clothes, then such problem would never have arisen.

That’s the reason why you should own a high quality towel that will keep you happy and positive.

And if you are not sure which one to pick, then you can take a tour to these 10 best bath towels we picked for you!

Home & Zen Pure 100% Supima Cotton Single


The name already gives you an idea that the towel has been made of Supima cotton. Hence, it will provide you with high quality feel that the best bath towels should possess.

It is stated to be grown under the strict quality standards by the American farmers. So, it has been certified by Supima Association for quality.

Besides offering quality, the towel can also provide you with super plush texture as well as luxury feeling.

Not only that, you will also be amazed with it ultra-absorption ability and quick drying tendency.

The towel will also be durable enough to stay for longer even if it’s for daily use. Plus, as it comes white in color, you won’t even have issue like losing its color.

Coming in oversized measuring 30 inches by 56 inches it can be ideal more for the youths than the grown-up adults. That said, it can be used by people of different aged groups which is a big plus!

Moreover, the towel comes in 600 GSM, so it will neither be too light nor too heavy.

However, some of the users did not feel it very soft which they expected. But this did not stop them from praising the towel.


  • ✓100 percent Supima Cotton offers high quality.
  • ✓Able to last longer even if it’s used daily.
  • ✓Able to absorb moist and dry quick.
  • ✓Offers plush texture and feel.
  • ✓No color fade issues for coming in white color.


  • ✘ May not be very soft.

Pinzon Blended Egyptian Cotton 6 Piece


The Pinzon offers the towels in set where you will get 6 pieces of them for different purpose. You will get two bath towels in 30 by 56 inches, two hand towels in 18 by 30 inches, and two washcloths in 13 by 13 inches.

All the pieces are made of Egyptian Cotton which means they are meant to be very absorbent. If you want to wipe moist, makeup or oil, these can be a great buy. And you can also use different piece in different situations.

Moreover, it also makes an ideal choice for its breathability meaning, the water will get wicked away quick while the air will circulate ensuring quicker drying.

Plus, the fabric also provides you with a sought-after mix of greater strength and luxurious softness. So, you would love to wrap the bath towels around.

Such cotton comes with extra-long durable fibers that provide the towel with an amazing texture.

The towel is stated to be medium weight coming in 600 GSM. Hence, it can soak up water and dry quick for a fresh feeling.

Although the towels are stated to be machine washable, but there is a drawback. Most of the users griped that the towel tends to lose it fresh look after first wash. So, it may look old and grungy as per the users.

However, the towels are made in OEKO-TEX Standard 100 factory to ensure meeting safety and environmental standards.


  • ✓High quality Egyptian cotton.
  • ✓Able to absorb moist and dry quick.
  • ✓Offers plush texture and feel.
  • ✓Offers safety and environmental standards.
  • ✓Machine washable.


  • ✘May look old and grungy after first wash.

Superior 900 GSM Luxury Bathroom Towels


These Superior bath towels are made of long-staple cotton so that you get a feeling of comfort wrapped around your body.

Since these best bath towels come in 900 GSM, they will be very heavy in weight BUT will be ultra-absorbent to keep you dry and warm. And their thickness with double ply construction defines their strength.

Having been made of Long-Staple Combed Cotton, the towels ensure high quality and durability. Such material comes in combo to offer the finest and the longest fibers.

The big plus is that the fibers being spun thinner also do the job of increasing absorbency and comfort of the towel.

You will get two bath towels that measure 30 inches by 55 inches which can be great for both youths and adults.

Since the towels are colorfast, you don’t have to worry about losing its color. Talking about the color, you will get a lot of variations in color to pick one from.

The towels are boasted to be machine washable. However, you may lose its plushy soft feeling after the wash which has been gripped by many users.


  • ✓Double ply construction offers strength.
  • ✓Ultra-absorbent to keep you dry and warm.
  • ✓Machine washable and easy to clean.
  • ✓Comes in a variety of color.


  • ✗Can lose its softness after first wash.

Utopia Extra Large Bath Towel (35 x 70 Inches)


Utopia can give you a feeling of bliss as well with these best bath towels coming in different colors.

They are designed with ringspun and have been made of 100 percent cotton to offer soft and smooth feeling.

The best part is that you will find them having breathable traits that make them ideal for your body as well as your hands.

Plus, coming terry in nature, their weaves are stated to be highly absorbent with the loops on both the sides. As a result, it creates an added surface area so you can dry yourself real quick.

Moreover, these bath towels offer versatility and optimal coverage. You can use it on the beach or at home.

They come in 35 by 70 inches making them ideal for people of different aged groups.

The towels also promise to be extra soft even after multiple washes which is a great advantage.

However, the durability is a little on the skeptical side since the threads get pulled out quickly. But quality wise, it’s a great towel.

Not only it is easy to clean and machine wash, but also won’t get damaged easily unless you mistakenly drop bleach on it.


  • ✓Very shock absorbent.
  • ✓Comes in a variety of color.
  • ✓Does not lose softness even after multiple washes.
  • ✓Very lightweight.
  • ✓Breathable traits benefit your body and hands.


  • ✗Threads pull pretty quickly.

JML Microfiber Bath Towel 2 Pack


Having been made of microfiber, the JML brand also took the quality of their towels to another level.

The first thing you will notice is its diamond texture that can appeal you the most. Moreover, it comes in 30 inches by 60 inches size making it ideal for different age group people.

The towel comes in about 460 GSM making it a very lightweight towel to be used daily. The big plus is its ability to absorb and grab the water as soon as it makes a contact. It has also been stated to soak up seven times their weight in water while fast drying bigger surface with ease. Not only that, it can also grab all the oil, makeups, dry skin, dust and dirt at just one wipe.

Moreover, the towel also offers comfort and soft feel so you can use it comfortably after having a bath.

Besides, the brand has also boasted it to be washed and reused hundreds of times that speak of its quality.

However, a little complaint is that the towel has not been properly sewn as per the users. So, there is a chance that the threads can come undone after wash.

The best part of the towel is that you will find a variety of colors to pick one from offered by the brand.


  • ✓Made of High Quality Microfiber.
  • ✓Lightness makes it great for daily use.
  • ✓Can be washed and reused hundreds of times.
  • ✓Can soak up seven times their weight in water and still dry quick
  • ✓Offers comfort and plush feel.


  • ✗Not well sewn and thread can come undone after wash.

Cotton Craft Ultra Soft 4 Pack


Cotton Craft has crafted this towel with 100 percent cotton material highlighted with a luxurious Rayon band.

It has been constructed with ringspun method that made the loops stronger and smoother.

You will get four oversized towels each measuring 30 inches by 54 inches which will be great for different age group people.

Not only that, its vibrant colors also offer fresh look even after washing it for multiple times. Speaking of wash, it is machine washable as well as easy to clean.

Plus, its colorfast is another big factor to shoo away all you worries.

The thick pile with 600 GSM makes it highly absorbent. So, it will grab the water quick as well as dry it quicker.

The towel is also stated to be very rugged yet soft to give you all the comfort.

One thing you should remember is that they are recommended to launder before first use. They are machine washable, so you will find them easy to clean.

However, you may find it very linty since it sheds a lot. Other than that, it’s a great buy.


  • ✓Constructed with ringspun offers strength and smoothness.
  • ✓Able to absorb quick.
  • ✓Able to dry quick.
  • ✓Rugged yet feels very soft.
  • ✓Comes in a variety of colors.


  • ✗Very linty.

SALBAKOS Organic Turkish Cotton Bath Towel


SALBAKOS boast this towel to be the softest towels that can stay soft forever even after multiple washes.

Besides offering plushy feel, it also offers high quality material with its extra-long cotton fiber that comes from Turkish cotton fiber.

Albeit the material is not stated to be highly absorbent, but it still managed to impress users with its absorbency ability.

Coming with 700 GSM, the towel belongs to the heavyweight category that actually is the reason why it can absorb amazing. Not only that, you will also find it getting dried more than other heavy towels.  

You will get four bath towels in a set where their hems have been double-stitched to provide you with added durability.

Not only that, the towels come in 27 by 54 inches that makes it ideal for different people to use, be it male or female.

The best part is that the towels are absolutely free of pesticides and harmful chemicals making it super safe for you.

You will love its fluffiness. You will love its variety of colors to pick one from. But what you will hate is its lack of colorfast. Yes, the color tends to get faded away pretty soon which is the only con found in the towel.


  • ✓Turkish cotton luxury towel offers plush and soft feel.
  • ✓High quality and durable.
  • ✓Able to absorb water quick.
  • ✓Moderately quick drying capacity.
  • ✓Free of pesticides and harmful chemicals offer safe use.


  • ✗Not colorfast.

Everplush Diamond Jacquard Bath Towel Set


Everplus aims to give you nothing but plush like feeling after you have a bath and grab their towel.

The towel has been made of 60 percent microfiber and 40 percent cotton. Its dual loop pattern means that you will get to enjoy its cotton softness only.

The best part is that the brand boast it to dry off 30 percent faster than other rivals just like you want it to be. So, you will find it ready for the next use in no time.

When it comes to its absorption, it may disappoint you a little. The brand has used patented Everplush technology in its inner microfiber to make it absorbent, but it fails to do the wonder. Albeit, the towel will be long lasting which is a great thing.

The towel comes with two pieces in a set with each measuring 30 inches by 56 inches. So, almost all of you will find it ideal to grab.

Not only that, you will find the towel in few colors and all of them promise to be super colorfast!

Moreover, its Diamond Jacquard construction feels strong and lightweight for daily use with a chic design.

Besides, the towels have been stated to be machine washable making it very easy to maintain.


  • ✓Dual loop pattern offers cotton softness on skin.
  • ✓Able to dry off quickly.
  • ✓Diamond Jacquard construction feels strong and lightweight.
  • ✓Easy to clean for being machine washable.
  • ✓Colorfast


  • ✗Not very absorbent.

The Onsen Bath Towel – 100% Supima Cotton

The-Onsen-Bath-Towel -100%-Supima-Cotton

You can also find the best bath towels from the Onsen brand that has been praised by the users just for its quality.

It comes single measuring 31 inches by 57 inches, so it’s very ideal for different aged people.

The towel promises to last long with its 100 percent supima cotton that has been designed entirely from extra-long staple cotton to give you comfort wipe.

However, they won’t be very soft as per the users but this did not stop them from using it daily.

Since the towel comes very thick with lightweight, you will love its endurance. The big plus is that it has been garment washed a lot of time so it can make the towel have such durability.

There is no chemical used to make the towel so you will also find it super safe to use.

Plus, its absorbent ability will also be there to impress you! Not just that, it also tends to dry off even more quickly, thanks to its thin nature.

Moreover, the towel comes with an exfoliating texture that will also benefit you and your skin.

Just like most of the towels, it is also stated to be machine washable. So, you will be benefitted with easy cleanup and maintenance as well.


  • ✓Twice as strong as regular cottons.
  • ✓Surprisingly lightweight.
  • ✓Highly absorbent with quick drying benefits.
  • ✓Exfoliating texture.
  • ✓Free of chemicals.


  • ✗Can fail to provide you with plush soft feel.

Superior Zero Twist 100% Cotton Bathroom


These amazing towels again by Superior are another best bath towels having constructed with zero twists while being made of 100 percent long staple cotton.

Zero twist can also be called hydro-cotton that has been made with yarns being spun with lower to zero twists to offer soft and plush feeling.

Not only that, you will also love the fact of how light it weighs making it ideal for daily use.

Speaking of weight, the towel comes in 575 GSM that albeit belong to medium weight but still feels light.

Moreover, the towel can also provide you with quick absorption and air drying so you can get ready super quick.

It comes in a set including two bath towels that measure 30 inches by 54 inches. So it can give you extra luxury to wrap yourself.

It is also available in 10 beautiful colors so you can pick anyone that suits your personality. Not only that, all the colors also warrant you to be colorfast.

Yes, there is a drawback! And that is the towel is very linty. And you may hate all the shedding after washing it every time.


  • ✓Zero twist offers plush and soft feeling.
  • ✓Able to absorb quick.
  • ✓Able to dry off quick.
  • ✓Available in a variety of colors.


  • ✗Very linty.

Buying Guide

Factors to  Weigh Up!

Fabric facts!

Quality and construction of the fabric should be the first ever factor to be kept in mind for towel shopping. You will get dozens of different fabrics in the market that feel and look similar, but they aren’t.

Make sure you look at the pile of towel. It is the loops that determine their absorbency with their number and length. The more the loops per square centimeter, the longer the towels will be, hence the more absorbent they will be.

 As for the variation of fabrics, that should be taken into consideration as well.

Here are some of the fabric materials used for bath towels:

Egyptian cotton

Egyptian cotton is basically popular for being one of the most luxurious cottons in the market. You will find them super absorbent, soft and warm. With a deep pile made of twisted yarn loops, these towels are able to absorb water and trap it in the loops and yarns of the fibers.

Supima cotton

Supima cotton towels comprise of extra-long fibers. Such towel almost feels like silk in its texture. It will not only feel soft and luxurious, but also will be durable, solid and very absorbent. Supima cotton is stated to be popular exclusively in the United States.


They are known to be fairly new kind of towel. Having been constructed with the combination of polyamide and polyester fibers with 20:80 ratio, the towels offer easy wipe-up. The towel can grab all the oil, makeups, dry skin, dust, dirt and water at just one wipe.

Turkish cotton:

These towels are designed with extra-long cotton fiber just like the Egyptian one. It is typically grown in the Aegean areas. You will not only find them fluffy and soft, but also durable and strong. Plus, these towels are also great for their absorbency. Although, they won’t be very absorbent but they can be perfect for the people living in warm climates with excess moist.

Such towels come in thick and is able to provide you with luxury like feel.

Combed cotton

Combed cotton will be super soft to touch. They are designed with the mix of tiny fibers from the cotton prior to being spun into yarn.

As a result, it helps decrease shedding and provide you with durability towel which can endure pressure of daily use and frequent wash. Not only that, the towel is also stated to be very popular for its versatility.

Now, here are some of the fabric constructions used for bath towels:

Zero-twist cotton

Zero Twist cotton refers to Hydrocotton that is designed with a technique in which yarns are spun with lower amount of twists. As a result, the towels will have a soft and plush feeling while weighing very light. Not only that, such towels are also stated to be amazingly absorbent and quick-drying. 

Ring-spun cotton:

Such cottons come long while the fibers are short and twisted tightly. As a result, it helps make the loops stronger and smoother.

Weight worth:

Weight of towel is measured in GSM that is short for grams per square meter. There is a rule of thumb that says, the more the towel will weigh, the denser it will be, hence the plusher and more absorbent the towel will be. However, it also means that such towels will belong to heavyweight category.

Here you will find 3 of the categories determined by GSM range:

Lightweight that you will find in 300 to 400 GSM towels.

Medium-weight that you find in 400 to 600 GSM towels.

Heavyweight that will find in 600 to 900 GSM towels.

Most of the best bath towels are found in the range of 500 to 700 GSM. So, you can look for one too!

We cannot give particular suggestion on perfect weight since it depends on personal preference. Both lightweight and heavyweight towels have their own advantages and disadvantages.

However, if you want to have a towel for daily use, then you can go with a lighter weight towel that ranges from 300 to 400 GSM. If you want a standard towel, then medium weight towel will be great. Or if you want a luxury feel, then the heavyweight can make an ideal choice.

However, you should also know about some drawbacks that the towels of different weight possess.

Let’s say, products like beach towel with lower GSM will dry quicker but they will not be very absorbent. Meanwhile, towels like bath sheets having higher GSM can be the plushest and most absorbent, but they will take longer time to dry.

Size specification:

Another one of the most essential features while looking for the best bath towels is the size. Make sure you check the size whenever you plan to buy.

How would you feel if you get yourself a towel that will barely wrap around your body? That will be the most wrong pick for yourself.

Standard bath towels come with a width of 27 inches to 30 inches and length of 52 inches to 58 inches. If you plan to buy one for kids, then towels measuring 24 inches by 50 inches will make a great choice. However, if it is for adults, then make sure to check one above 27 inches by 50 inches.

However, if you are shopping online, then this can become a limitation. But if the quality is right, then you should not regret.

Color Care:

You would never wish to splurge on towel only to have the color fade or get splotchy. The sad truth is that there is not any certain way to understand if a towel will be colorfast. However, as long as the towel is in white color, it should not be an issue. But if it comes colored, then the best way can be to read others reviews. This will give you an idea what experience the towel will give to you like it did to the users.

Moreover, if you have someone who uses skincare products that have benzoyl peroxide, be careful of that. This is a common ingredient found in acne treatment but can also wreak a mess on colored towel leaving it with bleached stains.

But the good news is that some of the towels are made benzoyl-peroxide resistant. So you can get such towel for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between bath towels and bath sheets?

A: Such products come in a variety of sizes that determine the difference between a bath towel and bath sheet. The latter comes in oversized and is designed to offer ultra-luxury. A bath sheet measures from 35-inch by 60-inch to 40-inch by 70-inch. Meanwhile, a bath towel comes around 27-inch by 52-inch.

To add more, you will also find standard hand towels measuring around 16-inch by 28-inch to 30-inch. Plus, there are elegant “finger towels” that are smaller in size measuring around 11-inch by 18-inch and you will find them commonly in powder rooms or petite guest baths.


Q: How to maintain towel to keep it last longer?

A: You can follow these 3 tips to help your towel last longer:

  • Hang your towels separately: If you hang two wet towels together on the same hook, it can be a certain reason to generate odor and mold. So, keep the towels separated and let them dry on separate hooks. It will also be wise if you spread out each of the towels over 2 hooks so that they are not bunched.
  • Wash them after 3/4 uses: Recommended highly by the experts, bath towel should be washed after 3 to 4 uses. Although, you can extend the time but it works better only with anti-bacterial linen towels. You should also know that it takes 3 to 4 weeks for bacteria to grow. So, make sure you are sincere with the cleanup of towel.
  • Wash it right: Adding excess detergent can definitely make your towel scratchy over time. On the other hand, adding too much fabric softener to the towel will reduce its absorption ability. That’s the reason why you should add right amount or less amount of both detergent and softener to the towel. Make sure to wash in hot water. This way, the towel can keep the bacteria at bay.


Wrap up

Like we said, you should also take time to make your choice while shopping for a towel like you do when it is for clothes. It’s because a high quality towel matters a lot to help you get ready.

And since we have chosen the 10 best of them, we guess, it will be easier for you to pick any one that impresses you.