We spend a bit of time throughout the day in bathrooms and having a somewhat well-organized one can surely set us up for a good mood in the upcoming day. A good bathroom can be pretty expensive to set up and decorate. But doing so will add up more zen to the entire house and bring a more refreshing feeling. 

Along with decorating, you must allocate space for all your bathroom essentials. Storage shelves come in super handy in terms of keeping the important stuff close by and organized. Be it the master bathroom or the kids’ bathroom, wall shelves are quite necessary for storing your necessities and saving space. 

You can either DIY the whole thing as a personal project or get help from professionals, it’s up for you to decide or at least what your schedule allows. Before you proceed, make sure to examine the bathroom, measure dimensions, or visualize the colors or aesthetics (and functionality) you want the shelves to have. 

We are here to lend you a hand and to give you some wonderful ideas to turn your bathroom into spaces or absolute relaxation and convenience. We are certain that these bathroom shelves ideas would be to your liking. Let the fun begin!

Bathroom Wall Shelves Ideas

Bathroom Wall Shelves Ideas

 Floating Shelves 

Floating shelves will never go out of style. You can store your makeups, grooming kits, and other essentials to keep them always accessible. The shelves are open so you may grab the item you need rather quickly. You can store different items on different shelves which will increase the aesthetics of the bathroom at the same time.

Over The Sink Shelves

This design is probably the most common and useful of it all. These shelves come in a variety of styles and it will easily match your existing bathroom décor. Over the sink shelves can hold all your daily essentials such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, face wash, etc. Also, it’s an excellent choice for small bathrooms where there is limited space.

Below The Sink

If you want to make the most out of your bathroom space then going with minimalist features looks to be ideal for you. It will give your bathroom a sleek look while having everything you need nearby. 

Usually, the bottom spaces are left unused. Luckily, modern designers have come up with the best ways to utilize such spaces rather effectively. Below the sink shelves will help you clear all that clutter and add up to the uniqueness of your bathroom’s aesthetic.

Over The Toilet Shelves

This one will let you have quick access to toiletries such as toilet paper, towels, etc. We recommend that you utilize stainless-steel shelves as they are not prone to corrosion even if they come in contact with water regularly. Unfortunately, wooden shelves aren’t ideal for this design as the wood may wear out quickly and the finish may go dull over time.

Floor To Ceiling Shelves

Floor to Ceiling Shelves

If you’re an avid fan of large storage spaces, then this one is an ideal choice for your bathroom. It will give you plenty of storage space to keep your towels, cleaning products, and other heavier items that you need for your bathroom. You can keep the shelves open to showcase it as décor but at the same time have easy access to your necessities. 


Need we say more? Hooks are an excellent choice for small bathrooms as they occupy very little to no space at all. You can hang your robes, towels, and other garments on it whenever you need to. 

Over The Door 

When it comes to storage, it is important to consider every inch of space that you have. Alas, the back of your door has plenty of it and most of the time, it is an ideal spot for a wall shelf. You can keep the items here that you do not use regularly and would need from time to time.

Just make sure to take proper measurements before setting up the shelf and make sure that it doesn’t cause any hindrance on closing or opening your bathroom door.

Window Cabinet

A window cabinet will help you keep your items safely behind the glass and help you with the organization process as well. These shelves are suitable for storing medicines, toiletries, and other small items. Also, you can add a lock to the shelf door if you have little kids at home. This way you can prevent accidents and mishaps.

Single Shelve

Single Shelve

Single shelf designs are a good fit for the compact-sized bathrooms. They’ll let you keep the important stuff around while not occupying too much space. You can go for wooden, steel or any other material as long as it is durable and long-lasting.

Tier Shelves

As the name suggests, tier shelves come in multiple different levels to hold a variety of items. You can opt for two-tier or three-tier shelves according to your space requirements.

Three-tier shelves are a popular choice as they’re more convenient and hold more products. These are available in various designs and sizes. You may also pick your preferred color or size to match up with the bathroom fittings. 

Wooden Shelves

Wooden shelves are timeless, and they’ll give a classy vibe to the overall design of the bathroom. The setup procedure for wooden wall shelves is also super simple and straightforward. 

However, don’t go overboard and pick a shelf size that looks odd with the other features of the bathroom. Try to get everything in-sync and keep them in balance so that the entire bathroom looks neat and well-organized. 

DIY Wall Shelves

Creating something by yourself feels fulfilling, right? There are tons of DIY projects that you can start and the best part of it is when it’s all done, then you get to gander at your creation every time you step in your bathroom.

There are plenty of DIY ideas and designs available on the internet (YouTube, Pinterest, social media). Also, IKEA has some amazing range of projects that you can choose from to choose the style for your shelf. DIY projects help you bring out your creativity and give the bathroom a uniquely elegant look with your personal touch.

Box Wall Shelves

Box-wall shelves are very unique looking, and they will add more definition to the overall décor of the bathroom. You can opt for different colors and different sized boxes to hold your necessities and organize the shelves by category.  

Hexagon Shelves

Hexagon shelves are currently on-trend and they can hold a variety of items. The hexagonal shape can store books, candles, and bathing items to keep everything handy while you are in the bathroom.

Triangular Shelves

Triangular shelves are also trending and another geometrically oriented design that you can try for your bathroom walls. These shelves can be put on corners to store some small plants, books, etc. You can also store your favorite items on them to showcase your style and personal preferences. 

Fishbone Shelves

If you want to give your wall shelves an artistic look, then look no further and design your walls with fishbones (not literally though lol). These shelves are very flexible, and they are an excellent choice for storing books and magazines. 

Invisible Book Shelves

Invisible shelves or what you call floating shelves are actually L-shaped wall brackets. You just make sure to hide the bracket with the bottom book that you’re going to place on it that is the bottom hardcover of the book to hide the shelf itself. This results in a stack of books just seemingly floating in the air. Cool, right? 

Rope Shelves

If you want to give the bathroom a natural and sophisticated look then rope shelves are a must-try for you. These wall shelves are very simple to make and you can design one as your next DIY project. There are plenty of tutorials available on the internet where you can learn the procedures on how to make the rope shelf by yourself. 

Belted Shelves

Planning to throw away your old belts? Well, don’t. You can create wall shelves using old belts. They’ll give a rustic look to your bathroom walls and increase its overall beauty. 

The process can be a little tricky if you’re not much familiar with this DIY project. Just be patient and look up tutorials online for you to get a better grasp of the concept and process.

Old Crate or Drawer Shelves

Have some old drawers that have been of no use to you for some time now? Go ahead and color them to match your bathroom walls and specify each drawer for a different item. They’re super easy to attach on your walls with the help of a drill.

Flower Wall Shelves

A little touch of nature will give a vibrant and refreshing touch to your walls. You cannot put any other item over these shelves but the flowers will enhance the overall beauty of your bathroom. You can be more creative and drill on the shelves to put mason jars on them. Put different kinds of flowers on the jars regularly and allow nature to give you a fresh start to the day.  

Log Wall Shelves

Log wall shelves are another fantastic idea to bring that natural vibe to your bathroom. If you’re planning to put fragile or glass-made items on the log then make sure that the surface is even so that they won’t get dislodged easily and be a danger. You can organize the log with different kinds of plants or artificial ones to give it a more natural look.

How To Clean Bathroom Wall Shelves?

Now that you have tons of ideas about different types of bathroom wall shelves, it’s time to get to work. Choose the best design that matches your bathroom décor to make it more vibrant and relaxing.

Regularly following a proper way to clean your bathroom is key to durable and long-lasting shelves. Choosing the right material, paired up with the proper cleaning process will do your shelves a lot of good. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you with the cleaning process.

  • First up is to remove all the materials that are on the shelves. While taking these off, look for individual items that require cleaning and maintenance as well.
  • Next is to make sure to put all of the items from your shelves safely inside a box. Also, if you’re working with multiple shelves then we suggest that you start with the top shelf so even if dirt falls off, it will fall on the uncleansed ones.
  • Get rid of loose debris with the help of your handy duster. Just remember to not dust off too vigorously as that might cause damage or color deterioration for the shelf. Also, clean the lining of the shelf to give it more thorough grooming.
  • Bathrooms are a playground for a variety of germs and bacteria. Make sure that you properly sanitize everything to kill all the germs and keep your items efficiently cleaned. 
  • Moisture is a big no-no for wooden shelves. If the shelf is not made of rust-free materials then it will eventually corrode. Make sure that you wipe off all kinds of moisture from the shelves and wipe them dry after the cleaning process. 

Shelves are not only convenient for storing necessary items but also for adding some good vibes to your bathroom walls. We have gathered tons of different ideas to make your bathroom more relaxing and soothing. There are tons of different designs and materials that you can use for the shelves. 

Also, many of these designs are super simple and you can create them all by yourself. If you’re familiar with DIY tools and processes, then you can make these shelves in a jiffy. You will also have the flexibility to style them with your favorite color and create a design to match your bathroom. So, go right ahead and start working on that shelf and make the bathroom your own little place of bliss.